Welcome to the 11th XMAS MIX CONTEST!

This is how the HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST works:

2. Mix or remix the song

3. Win great prizes

Finally the waiting’s over! For the 11th time now, we’re organizing the XMAS MIX CONTEST for all those who want to spend some quality time with XMAS mixing.

This year, there is a prize money of 2 x 1000 € for the best mix and the best remix of our contest song. In addition, there are Special Awards for outstanding mixes, donated by Neumann, Sennheiser, Toontrack, Sommer Cable, ADAM Audio, Ableton, König & Meyer and HOFA. The public voting is also considered for some of the Special Awards – it definitely pays to get some likes😊

100 mix analyses are raffled from all uploaded songs. This analysis gives you a feedback to your mix and points out strenghts and weaknesses – that alone makes your work worthwhile!

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You are allowed to master, copy & paste and pitch or even remove individual elements. For the sake of fairness it’s not allowed to add new tracks or to change tempo, pitch or structure of the song.

The jury is looking for harmonious sound characteristics with balanced levels that fits in the genre, a well-defined spatial depth and a natural overall sound.


Your options for the remix are endless: use those tracks of the download you want and add whatever you like. Nothing’s forbidden – but of course the song should still be recognisable and “radio-compatible”😊 Let your creativity run wild!

When rating the remix, the jury pays attention to sound quality, sound design, arrangement and balanced proportions.

„Let There Be Snow“ by HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse is a modern a cappella song with the fantastic lead vocals by Stephanie Lenk and Milos Malesevic, supported by 4 more singers and an impressive beat of body percussion and vocal drums.

The tempo of the song is 90 bpm, the tracks are on hand as 24 bit wav files in 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz.


Please enter your email address and press "submit" in order to reveal the link to the download page.

Enjoy the mix and good luck! Your HOFA Team


Upload your mix as a stereo track (mastered or not-mastered) – and maybe your work convinces the jury and you win the reward of 1000 € for the best mix or remix.

And if not, you have had a good time in your studio with christmassy music – and with recordings in a more than day-to-day quality.

Closing date is January 21, 2020, 11:59 pm, CET

Mixing Documentary

Jochen explains how he worked on the mix for “Let There Be Snow”. The full tutorial will be released on our Youtube channel on 24.01.

Recording Documentary

In this video we give you an insight into the recordings for the 11th HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST and take a look at the individual tracks. The complete tutorial with a playing time of more than 1.5 hours will soon be accessible in the Online-Campus for all HOFA-College students.

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