Alexander Panevin

I'm very satisfied with HOFA-College, you're doing a great job! The learning content is fantastic, I have never seen such competently written texts anywhere else! As a blind student I have to say that I think it's great how open you are to the topic and how hard you work to guarantee the accessibility of the materials!

[...] learning with you doesn't feel like school at all, but rather like an extension of knowledge and skills as an audio engineer and an exchange between beginners and professionals!

I would like to thank all tutors and other employees at HOFA-College and I'm looking forward to the contents in HOFA PRO!


Dirk Kraemer

I have attended your BASIC course in the past 6 months and I'm very satisfied with the course contents and your support.

It was great fun to take on your mixing exercises and to learn and understand a little more each time thanks to your helpful analyses. It has become clear to me that you can't do without these basics and that you first have to develop a certain level of expertise in audio engineering. For me as a hobby musician, this is a fascinating topic that is worth focusing on. And I can only recommend one of your courses to anyone else who is interested.

The greatest thing about your course is that I got to mix music that I don't normally listen to. This gave me some insight into the composition and challenges of other genres and enabled me to open up my horizons.