Sebastian Pilch

At this point I would like to congratulate you on the amazing HOFA-College. What you offer and how you implement it is great!

For me as an autodidact in the field of audio engineering and audio production, your courses are a great benefit. The material is presented in a very descriptive and comprehensible way, the exercises with the corresponding audio examples are eye-opening and the mix analyses cannot be outweighed with gold. Each submitted mix is dissected down to the smallest detail, evaluated honestly and objectively and you always get suggestions on how to improve your mix. In addition, there’s the online campus and the workshops. The combination is what makes it so great!

I’m well prepared for my future work as a sound engineer in a theatre, as many relevant topics (e.g. the preparation of a production, miking of instruments, analytical listening, working with a console, room acoustics, etc.) are covered in great detail.

I can only advise anyone who is interested to take your courses. You really get better and you learn a lot on your way.

Many thanks for the enlightening journey through the topic of audio production and the many wow!-moments! I really had a lot of fun 🙂

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