Lars Klein

The HOFA PRO correspondence course has given me the opportunity to improve my hobby significantly through professional training.

There are 12 learning units, all of which are amazingly designed. You not only learn how to do things (e.g. miking an amp), but also why. I think that the “why” is just as important as the “how”, so that you understand the whole topic. In addition, there were extensive audio examples for each topic, so you could immediately try out or clarify what you had just learned.

At the end of each lesson there were two songs, one of which you could mix and get feedback for. At first I thought I’d receive two or three pages of feedback – I was wrong! I received up to eight pages of feedback for some lessons. You get the feedback from two tutors that analyse the track together. (I always mixed both songs, but only submitted one – practice makes perfect).
The online campus is also a highlight! You get high quality videos every month (I think there were over 100 of them). The videos clarified the contents of the texts through the visual and audible impression.

The price for the correspondence course is about 100€ per month: you get 2 complete studio productions that you can mix yourself, one of which is analysed in detail (two tutors work on it for at least 2 hours), several HOFA Online Campus videos and about 80 pages of text for each month.

The time management is completely up to you. While you have to fulfill your workload every month, you can decide for yourself when to do it. If you consult the tutors because you have to submit a mix at a later time, it’s no problem at all.

HOFA was one of the best decisions I ever made – I can recommend HOFA to everyone who wants to pursue a hobby professionally and wants to get first hand information!

Thanks to the team and best regards

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