EDU discounts for HOFA-College students

Active HOFA-College participants get attractive educational discounts from many manufacturers.
Usually you order directly at the manufacturer’s online shop. If you add our confirmation of participation to your order, you will receive the desired discount from the manufacturer.

If you have any questions, call +49 7251 3472-111 or send us an email.


At HOFA-Akustik, you’ll get 10% EDU discount on acoustic modules.
Login at to automatically see the discounted EDU prices.

10% discount on:
Diffusors | Absorbers | Basstraps | Frames| Acoustic Curtains| …


At HOFA-Plugins you get a 33% EDU discount on all plugins. Login at to see the discounted prices.

33 % discount on:
IQ-Series EQ | IQ-Series Reverb | IQ-Series Limiter | IQ-Series Analyser | CD-Burn.DDP.Master | SYSTEM | …



HOFA-College is a Steinberg “Certified Training Center”. CEO Jochen Sachse and tutor Jochen Weyer are “Certified Trainers”. All HOFA-College students benefit from the professional support for Steinberg products and special conditions.

Students get discounts on all Cubase, Nuendo, Sequel and HALion versions. Additionally, you get the Steinberg Starter Pack free of charge at your HOFA BASIC or HOFA COMPLETE registration.

Up to 40% discount on:
Cubase Pro |
Cubase Elements | WaveLab | HALion | Sequel | Nuendo | …


There are two Ableton Live EDU versions: Ableton Live Standard (full version, 11 GB library) and Ableton Live Suite (54 GB library, additional instruments and effects.

Up to 40% EDU discount on:
Ableton Live Standard
| Ableton Live Suite


HOFA-College is part of the ADAM Audio cashback program. Students get a 10% discount on all ADAM Audio monitors and subwoofers.

10% cashback for:
ADAM Audio monitors and subwoofers like the AX- or F-Series


Adobe has been the leading provider of creative software solutions for decades

65% discount (in the first year) on the Adobe Creative Cloud


Students can get up to 50% discount on the popular FabFilter audio plugins.

Up to 50% EDU discount on:
Pro-Q 3 | Pro-L 2 | Pro-MB | Pro-C 2 | Pro-R| Pro-G | Saturn | Timeless 2 | …


50 % EDU discount on the Academic Bundle containing all Soundtoys Plugins!

Lethal Audio

HOFA-College students get a discount on the Lethal Audio rompler.

50% EDU discount on Lethal with the coupon code “HOFA”

40ILImage Line

The popular Image Line FL Studio Signature Bundle can be purchased at an EDU discount.

More than 30% EDU discount on the Image Line FL Studio Signature Bundle


PreSonus sells (soft-) and hardware. The DAW Studio One is available at an educational discount.

More than 40% EDU discount on PreSonus Studio One Professional


Avid offers educational discounts for HOFA PRO and HOFA COMPLETE students, due to a required minimum term.

More than 40% EDU discount on Avid Pro Tools


Bitwig is a DAW for music production, performance and DJing.

More than 30 % EDU discount on Bitwig


TrainYourEars is a software solution that allows you to learn to identify frequencies.

20% EDU discount on TrainYourEars


Syntorial is an educational software for sound synthesis.

40% EDU discount on the software Syntorial

Captain Plugins

Captain Plugins offers software solutions for music composition.

50% EDU disount on:
Captain Chords | Captain Melody | Captain Deep | Captain Play | Captain Hook | Captain Beat


Magix offers various software solutions for most audio, print, web and video requirements. The professional DAWs are available at a discount for all participants of an educational institution.

Up to 50% EDU discount on:
Sequoia | Samplitude Pro

On TrustedMusic recording studios, bands and DJs can present themselves to potential customers through a profile.

30% EDU discount on TrustedMusic profiles.

Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key is a DJ software for “harmonic mixing”.

50% EDU discount on the DJ software Mixed In Key