Learn how to produce the perfect vocal sound – from miking to mixing, we’ll cover everything you need to know about vocals with a hands-on approach.

This Short Course is part of the ultimate Audio Engineering Education HOFA DIPLOMA ›

Course duration: 2 months
Total price: $349.90

Use all HOFA Plugins for 2 months – for free!
33 premium HOFA Plugins – EQs, reverbs, compressors, mastering suite, analyser, FX suite and many more ...

Course content

  • Everything about the recording, editing and mixing of vocals
  • Technical skills – from different microphone types to a perfect headphone mix
  • All about technical and creative editing
  • Vocal recording under various acoustic and spacious conditions
  • Choir recordings, speech, singing, rap, etc.
  • Studio recordings and audio examples from different genres
  • And much more!

Your benefit

  • Detailed feedback on your exercises from the HOFA-College tutors
  • 2 months support by email, chat & phone
  • Graduates receive the VOCALS Certificate

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