Everything was better in the old days … This online course shows you legendary techniques & sounds from the vintage era for your productions.

This Short Course is part of the ultimate Audio Engineering Education HOFA DIPLOMA ›

Course duration: 2 months
Total price: $294.90

Use all HOFA Plugins for 2 months – for free!
33 premium HOFA Plugins – EQs, reverbs, compressors, mastering suite, analyser, FX suite and many more ...

Course content

  • Almost forgotten recording, mixing and mastering techniques
  • Many sound examples and tutorials, recorded with legendary equipment
  • Comparisons between vintage hardware, replicas & plugins
  • Vintage audio engineering techniques and the benefits for the 21st century
  • Exciting insights into the history of audio production
  • And much more!

Your benefit

  • 2 professional studio productions for mixing
  • Detailed feedback from the HOFA-College tutors
  • 2 months support by email, chat & phone
  • Graduates receive the ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION Certificate

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