This online course gives you deep insights into the exciting field of live sound engineering. Learn everything you need for the successful realization and supervision of live events.

This Short Course is part of the ultimate Audio Engineering Education HOFA DIPLOMA ›

Course duration: 2 months
Total price: $349.90

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Course content

  • Live sound reinforcement types and PA systems in practice
  • Authentic live tracks for FOH and monitoring exercises
  • Workflow on digital and analog mixing consoles for FOH and monitor mixes
  • Signal flow based on current standards and protocols
  • Event security & event technology
  • Tips & tricks for the organization, planning and execution of events
  • And much more!

Your benefit

  • Detailed analysis of your practical exercises with individual feedback by the HOFA-College tutors
  • 2 months support by phone, chat & email
  • Concludes with the LIVE SOUND certificate

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