Understanding music, making better music and writing professional songs – learn everything you need to know about harmony and expand your musical knowledge.

This Short Course is part of the ultimate Audio Engineering Education HOFA DIPLOMA ›

Course duration: 2 months
Total price: $294.90

Use all HOFA Plugins for 2 months – for free!
33 premium HOFA Plugins – EQs, reverbs, compressors, mastering suite, analyser, FX suite and many more ...

Course content

  • Intervals, scales, chords, circle of fifths, step theory, root note series …
  • Many multimedia contents, audio and music examples, tutorials
  • Numerous “Aha-effects” based on well-known songs and chord structures
  • Valuable tips for arrangement, composition and song analysis
  • Practical tasks in ear training, notation and music knowledge
  • And much more!

Your benefit

  • Detailed analysis of your practical tasks with individual feedback by the HOFA-College tutors
  • 2 months support by phone, chat & email
  • Free Studio Workshop Livestreams
  • Concludes with the HARMONY & MUSIC THEORY certificate

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