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HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA

Learn Audio Engineering with the HOFA Online Courses

The HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA provides you with professional knowledge for your career in the audio engineering industry – from recording studios to post production, from live sound to sound design.

Course duration: 24 months
Time requirement: flexible, as part-time or full-time

Use all HOFA Plugins for the duration of the course – for free!
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Monthly PaymentLearning units will be unlocked one after the other.

  • HOFA DIPLOMA – monthly payment
  • Only $199/month
    Registration fee: $350
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One-time Payment – 25% OffYou receive all course material immediately.

  • HOFA DIPLOMA – One-time payment
  • Only $3,844.50 (regular: $5,126)
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The HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA offers all HOFA online courses in one bundle.


The HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA consists of the online courses BASIC, PRO and the 10 short courses. You complete all courses and exams comfortably at home.

Your HOFA DIPLOMA starts with HOFA BASIC. During these two months you will intensively study the basics of sound engineering and music production.

Afterwards, over a period of 12 months, HOFA PRO offers you professional know-how from all important fields of audio engineering.

In the last part of your studies, you will deepen your skills in fascinating topics with the following short courses:

  • Mastering
  • Vocals
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Academic Work
  • Drum Programming
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Harmony & Music Theory
  • Vintage
  • Audio Engineering for Film
  • Music Business

You can adjust the duration individually.

Learn Audio Engineering Everywhere

The HOFA Online-Campus gives you access to all your learning content via your computer, tablet and smartphone at any time.

You will be provided with new learning units every month.

Multimedia-based learning: The course contains video tutorials, texts, sound examples, complete studio productions & practical exercises.

Get started right away

  • Can be completed with all current DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One etc.
  • Comes with Cubase LE and Ableton Live Intro.
  • Professional knowledge from all areas of audio engineering & music production.
  • Improve your productions in no time with the help of exciting video tutorials.

We are there for you

  • Throughout the course, a team of professional audio engineers will be at your side to provide advice and assistance – by email, chat & phone.
  • Each learning unit contains productions or practical exercises that you can work on and submit.
  • Detailed analyses of your mixes & exercises with individual feedbacks by the HOFA tutors


  • Officially approved and certified education
  • The costs of education might be tax-deductable (depending on your location).
  • Graduates receive the following certificates:
    DIPLOMA in Audio Engineering, Audio Assistant, Audio Engineer, Mastering, Electronic Music Production, Vocals, Drum Programming, Vintage, Film Sound, Music Business, Harmony & Music Theory and Live Sound.

▶︎ Use all HOFA Plugins worth $ 1,700 for the duration of the course – for free!

HOFA IQ-Series Plugins: EQ V3, Limiter, Comp V2, DeEsser & Analyser

Our popular HOFA Mastering Suite CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO

HOFA System FX-Suite with Saturator, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Algoverb, EQ-Dynamic, Mixbox ...

and all other plugins from HOFA

Reach your goal with practical exercises

Each learning unit contains many practical exercises and the individual tracks of studio productions that you can mix at home. Your practice mixes will then be analysed by experienced audio engineers in the HOFA studios.

Detailed analyses of your work

We provide detailed and individual analyses of your mixes and give you valuable feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your work with specific examples and screenshots.

Exercises straight from the studio

In the course we use productions covering various genres recorded at the HOFA-Studios and other top facilities, as well as home recordings. You are provided with a wide range of tracks, recordings and styles to choose from - including titles from well-known and successful artists.

HOFA Open Projects

The HOFA Open Projects give you an insight into professional music production from recording and mixing to mastering and are an important part of your correspondence course.

Many hours of video material

Detailed documentation of studio productions

Mix projects for your DAW

Learn how successful audio engineers work

Your online course is flexible

You can register at any time and start immediately or at a later date.

Normally, you will receive one learning unit per month but there's also the option to get several units per month and thus earn your certificate faster.

The course expires automatically at the end of the course duration - if you wish, you can then extend it. It is also possible to pause the course.

Choose one-time payment and save money

With the one-time payment, you receive all available learning units at once and can adjust your course duration depending on your individual needs.

Free Studio Workshop Livestreams

As a HOFA-College student you can also attend fascinating online workshops on audio engineering held in the HOFA studios.
Recordings of the live streams can be found in the Online Campus afterwards.

State-certified online courses

All HOFA correspondence courses are evaluated and certified by the German State Central Office for Distance Learning "ZFU". This certifies meaningful didactics, an educationally meaningful course structure and fair contractual conditions.

Due to the state certification, all training costs might be tax-deductible (depending on your location).

Try it for 14 days

After your registration you can try the course for two weeks. During this time you will have the opportunity to cancel the online course immediately and get your money back.

Academic training & ECTS credits

The time required for the HOFA online courses corresponds to a certain number of ECTS credits. HOFA online courses can be credited in conjunction with the corresponding number of ECTS credits towards your degree course.
ECTS Credits for HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA

Discounts on software & hardware

You can use your Student ID to buy hardware and software from various manufacturers such as Ableton, Adam Audio, Adobe, Avid, Apple, Steinberg, Waves, HOFA-Plugins, HOFA-Akustik, etc. Almost all DAWs and plugins can be purchased with up to 50% educational discount.


For your correspondence course you'll need a computer with audio software, a pair of speakers/headphones and of course a fondness for music. A smartphone or tablet is not necessary, but makes learning more flexible. Just contact us if you have any questions.

Recommended software

Ableton Live | Apple Logic | Avid Pro Tools | Cockos Reaper | Image Line FL Studio | Magix Samplitude | PreSonus Studio One | Propellerhead Reason | Steinberg Cubase | or similar.

HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA Registration

Monthly PaymentLearning units will be unlocked one after the other.

  • HOFA DIPLOMA – monthly payment
  • Only $199/month
    Registration fee: $350
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One-time Payment – 25% OffYou receive all course material immediately.

  • HOFA DIPLOMA – One-time payment
  • Only $3,844.50 (regular: $5,126)
    Registration fee included
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