Your Way to the Bachelor's Degree with HOFA

Complete the HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA with the HOFA online courses BASIC, PRO and all Short Courses. You can then graduate with a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering & music production in just one year.

Step 1
Audio Engineering DIPLOMA

  • The best audio engineering education
    Includes BASIC, PRO & all Short Courses: Mastering, Electronic Music Production, Vocals, Audio Engineering for Film, Harmony & Music Theory, Live Sound Engineering, Drum Programming, Vintage, Music Business, Academic Work, Sound Design
  • Bachelor in Audio Engineering & Music Production can be completed subsequently
  • Duration 24 months or flexible
  • WinterSpecial – ends in a short while!

    Free use of all HOFA plugins worth $1,125 –
    Up to 25% off HOFA DIPLOMA!
    New Short Course SOUND DESIGN as a gift
  • from $197.10 / month
    was: $219.00

Step 2
BACHELOR studies

  • Bachelor’s degree in audio engineering & music production
  • Requirements: HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA
  • Duration: 12 or 24 months
  • from $364 / month, one-time registration fee of $703
  • Plugins worth $1,125 free of charge – for the entire duration of your bachelor’s degree!

The bachelor’s degree program in audio engineering & music production is internationally accredited by the London Metropolitan University. During WinterSpecial, the HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA and the BACHELOR Top- Up are available for only $13,712 in total (was: $15,026).

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Each of your completed courses reduces the price of your HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA.

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