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Finally learn the art of professional recording, producing, mixing & mastering.

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Until I started HOFA College in September 2019, I only relied on questionable youtube videos to get so much desired knowledge regarding this awesome science that is Audio Engineering. Since I met these wonderful guys, my understanding on the subject changed drastically! Money well spent!
The guys at HOFA are awesome and wonderful human beings, always happy to talk to you and clarify all your misunderstandings. They are your tutors and your friends!

Rareș Vlad Pop

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1. June 2020

Upload your song now to enter!

We will make your talent heard, provide you with a stage for your music and offer the chance to win attractive prizes with a total value of over €20,000.

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Platinum Winning Engineer Reacts to Rush – “Red Barchetta”

20. May 2020

HOFA-College Tutor Dennis Ward analyses the legendary song “Red Barchetta” by Rush and shows how to apply classic mixing techniques in modern DAWs.

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Now Available: Audio Engineering DIPLOMA

4. December 2019

The HOFA Audio Engineering DIPLOMA provides you with professional knowledge for your career in the audio engineering industry – from recording studios to post production, from live sound to sound design.

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